Born in Encino California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Father was an actor in old westerns and mom was a IT person. Growing up surfing and skateboarding competitivley in Malibu and Newport Beach. Approached in Newport Beach by neighbor/photographer and secured a ticket to Paris for upcoming runway shows in Fashion Week. Did a couple tours in Paris and ended up on a kids show in Madrid Spain working with animals. Worked in Films, Fashion and Commercials for a couple years in Miami, Los Angeles and New York upon return. Then left the business for a career in Engineering. Racing off road cars in Mexico in the Baja 250, 500 and 1000 was a dangerous hobby where 1 person dies every race on average. After working several high profile engineering jobs such as systems for both Mars Rovers and the radar system for the new Stealth Fighter semi-retirement came in the way of Costa Rica for 10 years full time. Los Angeles has been generous since returning, acting along side Cristian Bale and Antonio Bandaras, and now being an award winning filmmaker having my own creation being talked about on The Today Show by Matt Laur in front of 18 million viewers. Another accomplishment was working on a project with ImageMovers, A Robert Zemekis Company, the writer/creator of "Back to the Future" and "Forest Gump" .